The Opinion of Being Un-Opinionated

Recently there has been some “stirring of the community pot” here in Graham County and I’ve been asked more than once for my opinion on the matters at hand. First off, I am humbled that others in this community would look at me as not only a source of information, but also as a viable opinion. While I seem to be able to communicate fairly well in writing, this only happens after making many edits; I am not always so quick while talking on the spot.

To answer this question of what I think about the issues in this county, I have to look back as to why I started the in the first place. It was not that I wanted people to hear MY opinion; it was that I found that my individual opinion did not matter. You know the saying, opinions are like “elbows”, we all have them. The issue rather, was if my opinions were based on fact or just what I believed to be? I have said for a long time now that I cannot make an accurate decision based on inaccurate information. I have to be given the facts if I am going to be able to make the best decision. People need to know the truth of what is happening, not that anything bad is happening, just the accurate facts, so they can make their own opinions.

Now, what good is that you may ask yourself, if individual opinions don’t matter? Well, we can all sit around and post our opinions on Facebook, but it’s the level of involvement that comes with getting engaged that makes a difference. I have seen with my own eyes the commissioners and town aldermen make decisions based on the response of the citizens. We may not have a say in the larger picture, state and federal levels, but I have to think, believe, hope, whatever, that we still have some say in our own local community.

Therefore, my mission for the has been to get the info out to the people. Those that are interested will watch the videos, because that is where the truth lies, not in my interpretation of what I heard. My opinion is not important on this site, I am just an ordinary citizen that is interested in keeping my elected officials held accountable for what they do and say, as they should be in their positions. They hold our lives at stake and I for one want to constantly remind them of that fact. Believe me, if I feel strongly about an issue that comes up I will let them know, in the appropriate platform, as any citizen has a right to do.

This blog, however, is meant to:

  • Remind our elected officials that “public” meetings mean more than just who is in the room.
  • To relay accurate information on our government elect to the citizens of Graham County so they will have the tools to make good decisions and opinions.
  • Make these normally unavailable meetings more accessible to everyone.
  • Inspire citizens to be interested in what their elected officials are doing and in how our tax money is being spent and in the decisions they are making that will ultimately affect our lives.

Ok, so to answer the question, what do I think about all that is going on, from the Town of Robbinsville to GREAT to the recent nominee for county commissioner that has sent out rather controversial literature? From my personal observations of attending many meetings over the past 2 years, I have learned a lot, I have changed my own opinion a few times and I can see many sides of the coin. I believe everybody has a point and I believe everybody could be a bit biased with their own perceptions and I believe there’s a lot more going on than I have privy to.

In conclusion, the is not a platform for my opinion, and it is not affiliated with any political party. As a person, I have my opinion, so do you and so do you and so do you, and if you are really interested, you can check out my personal Facebook page, but it’s not always that interesting.

The only opinion the has is that you stay informed and make your own opinions based on fact and become engaged in your community affairs.
Thank You!


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“With a full video recording, you can’t get more accurate information.”